Cejudo started business with making cuts and uppers, Due to the craftsmanship of the boots, starting their commercialization in Spain, and reaching countries of importance and sports level of Holland, Germany, England or United States.

In 1983, Cejudo was the second-level sports brand sales in Spain, especially in sports shoes.

As the market evolves, Cejudo also adapts to the new demands, renewing its manufacturing process and focusing its production on sports footwear, from soccer and football boots, to running and running shoes, to boots of Mountain, hockey, skating and cycling.

Cejudo is synonymous with football, because it is brand pioneer in Spain in the manufacture of football boots. Cejudo has football in the blood, not in vain its geographical situation is closely related to the introduction of this sport in Spain, in the hands of the English............

In the 60s, and the practice of sport at its peak, Cejudo creates a new line of textile products focused on equipping clubs and groups, complementing its main activity, sports shoes. Within this new line of business we find t-shirts, pants, tracksuits and other garments for practicing any sport, especially soccer and basketball.

Today Cejudo continues to grow and innovate, offering its customers the highest quality in every product and a long-term commitment both in quality and design in the manufacture of footwear and sportswear, ultimately, the pillars and the cause of the success of Cejudo From its beginnings to the present day.